At Learn Doglish we educate, advise and support dog owners so they can learn to enjoy a mutually rewarding and happy relationship with their dog.

It is important to develop a strong confident bond between you and your dog as this will teach your dog that you are in control and relax him whilst you are on your walks.

We will teach you how to achieve this bond of trust though fun, positive, reward-based exercises.

Dog training is an ongoing program for you and your dog. Your dog will encounter many scenarios throughout their lives and the more confident your dog is, the better it will cope with the experience.

Our classes will give you the confidence to want to take your dog on every excursion with you knowing that it will be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

Training & Classes

We find that clients often contact us for assistance with:
Toilet training
Crate training
Pulling on lead
Poor recall
Not listening
Jumping up
General bad manners
Our kind reward-based training will start to change the dogs thinking habits and in turn his behaviour.

Price £90.00

Six x 1 hour classes where your Puppy will learn:

. Recall (come back when called)
. Eye contact exercise
. Walk on leash
. Sit
. Down
. Release Cue
. Leave
. Spin
. Twist
. To be handled
. To be groomed
. Fun. We always have fun at the end of each class

Price £120.00

Six x 1 hour classes.

This class is designed as a follow on from the puppy class which will develop more duration and distractions to cement the dogs training and take it to the next level. Here your dog will learn:

. Recall
. Eye contact
. Walk on loose leash
. Sit
. Down
. Release Cue
. Touch
. Stays
. Fun games

Price £140.00

Six x 1 hour classes.

These classes are tailored to follow on from Junior class .

Price £140.00

Six 1 hour classes.

These classes are tailored to follow on from the Bronze class.

Price £160.00

Six 1 hour classes.

These classes are tailored to follow on from the Silver class.

Price £160.00

Six x 1 hour classes

These lessons are designed for owners that have completed the other classes that wish to take their dogs to a higher level.

Your dog will learn:

. Marker Training
. Retrieve
. Heel work on leash
. Heel work off leash
. Send away

Price £55.00 per lesson / total £330.00

Six x 45 minute classes

We Offer each of our puppy, junior and re-starter classes on a 121 basis if you feel that your dog would not be suited to a a class situation, or even if you wish to prepare your dog for a class environment.

With these lessons you will receive follow up home work along with the trainers guidance on improving your exercises. this will be emailed to you, to prepare you for the next lesson.

Price £75 per lesson/ total £450.00

Six x 45 minute tailored lessons.

We offer tailored Lessons for those clients that wish to teach a specific behaviour. With this lesson you will receive follow up emailed home work to prepare for the next lesson.

Price £120.00

Six x 1 hour classes.

This course is specifically designed for a dog that has been out of training for a while and needs to refresh the learning. Your dog will learn:

. Recall
. Eye contact
. Leash walking
. Sit
. Down
. Release cue
. Leave it
. Fun games

We offer each of these classes on a one to one basis if you feel your dog would not be suited to a group situation, or if you wish to prepare your dog for a group situation.

Please contact us for more information.

Upcoming events

Puppy class

August 27 @ 10:00 am - October 15 @ 10:00 am

Junior class

September 10 @ 11:30 am - October 22 @ 11:30 am

Re-starter course

August 20 @ 2:30 pm - October 1 @ 10:00 am

Bronze class

July 23 @ 1:00 pm

Silver class

August 6 @ 2:30 pm

Gold class

August 21 @ 2:30 pm

Individual classes & lessons to book

1-2-1 Tailored lesson

Obedience lesson


Sarah and Chip

Roy was absolutely amazing with us and our 5 month old puppy.

The progress we have seen and support we have got has been second to none and we couldn’t be any more grateful for what we have achieved in such a short space of time with the support we have had.


Thanks for the pdfs and thank you so much for all your guidance yesterday. I started implementing all those things from the minute you left and Ham has already started jumping up on the sofa less frequently. I also had a much easier morning by following your instructions with the crate. He whined a bit but only after a while and I made sure I walked in and out every so often without making eye contact and throwing the occasional treat in.

I’ll try some of the other exercises this afternoon but it’s already been a lifesaver! I’ll send you the payment for the puppy class at some point today.
Really looking forward to it as well. Can’t wait to see this pup learn all these cool new things.

Thank you!!
Glen and Moxy

Roy at Learn Doglish has been a massive help!

Great service, fair price and we’ll continue to use the services.

Gill and Milo

Fantastic help with our young energetic pup.

With structured training to help him develop week to week. Working with loose leash training, socialisation and problem solving specific behaviours typical to his breed.


We’ve had our first 2 sessions with Roy and can see results with our timid rescue dog Millie.

The main thing I like is that Roy explains dog’s way of thinking so well and uses understandable example from our daily life. He is good with Millie and she, being so timid, connected with Roy on the first day. Roy is patient, honest, with good teaching skills and supplies well prepared training materials in his follow up emails. He replies promptly, is as detailed as possible and is serious about his work. I had bad experience in the past so the communication part and support via email or sms is also very important to me.

I’d definitely recommend Roy.

Jennifer and Wilby

Roy is fantastic with dogs.

He has a wealth of knowledge and has shown us so many great tricks to help us learn how to teach our dog properly!


Learn Doglish is Excellent, Roy is the perfect trainer!

Definitely worth the money, going to book more lessons. We have booked a group lesson in bulk and on our first lesson we learnt loads and we are doing further training at home. You can call or text or email Roy at any time for advice it’s a first class service and I’m looking forward to learning more.

Any dog issues Learn Doglish is the place to go.

Jennifer and Tipsie

Tipsie and I have thoroughly enjoyed the group sessions.

It’s definitely taught Tipsie how to interact with other dogs nicely.

Please sign us up for the Junior class starting soon.

Jason and Rey

This was our first lesson with Roy and all I can say it was fantastic, relaxed and fun for us and the dog.

We have learnt a lot just in this one lesson I cannot wait to do more and implement the training at home. Roy has loads of knowledge and advice and answers all your questions about the dog or yourself about the training great service great person. If you need help with your dog that’s the man right here.

Thanks Roy, looking forward to our next training soon.

Hannah and Chewie

Roy has been a great communicator from the start and taken time to understand what’s best for our dog.

We’ve had 1 lesson so far and already the results are impressive and we are communicating much better with our adolescent!

Would highly recommend.

Pauline Jones

Roy came for a home visit to help us with training our Whippet puppy Rosie.

We are new puppy parents and Roy very generously gave us lots of time, talking about all aspects of training and by working with Rosie to demonstrate situations of rewarding positive behaviour.

We were really pleased to have the benefit of Roy’s expertise and intend to continue by attending his next Puppy Class.

Our friends

Dog Walking and Pet Grooming

Hannah’s knowledge, experience and commitment to the dog’s well-being stands out in everything she does. Highly recommended.

Poppy’s Pals

Designed gifts

Tracy delivers our pet food every 2 weeks, so is regularly in the Plumstead area. Her amazing gifts are made with much care and love.

Pawsitively Funky Little Gifts

Raw pet food

This is an excellent raw pet food company. The service received over the past 6 years that we have used their business has been fantastic.

David’s Doggie Dinners

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