Welcome to Learn Doglish

For the wellbeing of dogs and their owners through synergy

Do you often wish that your dog would listen to you, even when there are distractions around?

That’s why here at Learn Doglish we prefer to train dogs outside in the natural environment where, whilst training your pet, life’s distractions continue to go on around them. For instance, birds singing, children playing, prams being pushed past, joggers, people riding bicycles, to mention just a few daily distractions.

Our training exercises will develop both your and your dog’s confidence and your bonding and trust levels with them.

Training with Learn Doglish is fun for both you and your dog and you will find you leave each session feeling confident that together you are achieving your goals and your dog will look forward to training again and again.

We offer a range of classes along with a one to one option. This is particularly good for those dogs that maybe cannot cope with a group class. Our one to one tailored lessons suit client’s that might wish to teach a particular behaviour to their dog.

We train only positive reinforcement methods and in this way your dog learns in a happy relaxed environment. As this is outside, this does not only proof the training but means that your dog learns in real life situations with real life distractions.