Frequently asked questions

Q. Will I have contact with the trainer between classes?
A. Yes, you can email the trainer as you need to

Q. Will classes help my dog?
A. Yes all dogs benefit from training, it really helps the dogs wellbeing.

Q. how do I know if my dog will be suited to classes or better with 121 training ?
A. Discuss your concerns with the trainer to reach the best way forward for your dog.

Q. what kind of training does my dog need?
A. After a short consultation over the phone with our trainer, you will have an understanding of the type of training you will require to achieve the goals you wish.

Q. What method of training do you use?
A. We use only positive reinforcement reward-based training.

Q. How long before I see a result from the training class?
A. You will see a result straight away from your training and along with the home work that the trainer will set for you, will help you to reinforce the behaviour.

Q. Can more than one person from our house hold attend the training session?
A. Yes, we actively encourage this as if you are all on board, the dog learns quicker and easier.

Q. Can my child train our pet dog?
A. Yes your child can train your dog. However the child must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst training. We also suggest that two adults accompany a child as sometimes children get board and the second adult can monitor the child whilst one adult continues the class.

Q. As training is out doors, do you train in the rain and cold weather?
A. Yes we train during all weathers, we ask that handlers dress according to the weather.

Q. What if we can not get to each class?
A. we can not offer out of class catch ups, or extend the class duration for you, however the trainer will email you what exercises were carried out during the lesson you missed if you request them too, and discuss the same over the phone.