Terms & Conditions

Learn Doglish

Use of any of our services assumes that you have read and agree with The Learn Doglish terms and conditions.


All customer records and information is kept in the strictest of confidence and are never shared with any third party. Any information shared with volunteer assistants or paid employees is strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Email addresses & telephone numbers will be used to keep in touch with you while you are in class or one to one training. When you leave you can ask for all of your details to be deleted.

If you are happy for us to keep your details on file we will only ever use them to keep you up to date with the work of Learn Doglish to send you, what we hope, is useful information.

If at any time you would like all of your records removed you just need to let us know.

Photos – Any photos taken may be used for marketing on our newsletter or facebook or other marketing. We will also use photos of dogs and handlers to celebrate grading achievements on facebook & to celebrate dog & handler of the month in our newsletter. If you would rather we only kept a photo of your dog please let us know.


Regular classes will run in accordance with agreement when you sign up and one months advanced notice will be given of any proposed changes to times or day. We will only cancel classes if it is deemed unsafe to dog or handler to continue. We cannot be held responsible for ‘acts of God’ but will do our utmost to ensure this has minimal impact on services.

Cancellation policy

Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to the commencement time of the lesson.

There is a £30.00 cancellation fee for failure to meet this criteria.

Bitches in season

It is difficult to predict when a bitch will start their season. Please note that when a bitch comes into season you must not attend classes for three weeks.

If you have already booked onto a course a refund cannot be issued unless we can find a replacement to take your position. However, a concession will be offered to a future course.

Booking / Payment

Payment for one to one services is due one week in advance in cash or by bank transfer. There is a 7 day no cancellation policy in place. Payment secures your booking. If payment is not made on the due date your booking is deemed cancelled and the appointment time allocated to someone else.

Payment for any of our classes is due one week before the start date by bank transfer. Once a booking form is received the place is held and you are obligated to make payment for the full course. There is a no refund policy in place and once payment is made your place remains open to you for the full 8 weeks of the course.

Non-payment on the due date will deem the place not required and the place will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list.

Non-payment on the due date will deem the place not required and the place will be allocated to someone on the waiting list.

Bank Account Details

On request

Account: xxxxxxxx Training No. xxxxxxxx Sort Code: xxxxxx

Prices for Classes

Prices for one to one, puppy classes & fresh start classes will be as noted on the booking form at the time of booking a place.

Prices for one to one training will be given on request as services are delivered according to our assessment of your requirements.

Thank you to all our customers for their continued support.

Please remember to let us know if there is anything you think we could do better.